The effect of cordyceps with honey

Updated at: 25/09/2021

Cordyceps is a precious herbal medicine, a parasitic complex of fungi belonging to the genus Ophiocordyceps or Cordyceps parasitic on the larvae of butterflies of the genus Thitarodes. Along with honey is the essence of nature used in many health-protecting food recipes. Do you think when combining cordyceps and honey will bring any great effects to the body? So how exactly does soaking work? How to use it effectively?

1. What are the wonderful effects of cordyceps?

Long used in traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Tibetan medicine, cordyceps has the following main effects:

  • For the immune system: enhance cellular and humoral immune activities, support to kill viruses and bacteria that cause disease.

  • For the digestive system: Cordyceps is appreciated for its ability to enhance liver function as well as support the treatment of liver diseases.

  • For the excretory system: for patients with kidney failure, it is easy to restore kidney function, enhance detoxification, and tonify the kidney.

  • Blood circulation, cardiovascular system: Cordyceps helps to dilate blood vessels, enhance blood circulation, help stabilize blood pressure, lower blood sugar, limit heart rhythm disturbances.

  • For the respiratory system, lungs: help support the treatment of respiratory diseases, increase the efficiency of using oxygen in the body and purify the lungs.

  • Anti-asthenia and fatigue: Using cordyceps will help increase ATP (Adenosine triphosphate - necessary energy for the body's cells to function normally), increase oxygen, reduce fatigue and weakness.

  • Enhance physiological ability: help regulate hormones in the body, treat disorders and decline in physiological function for both men and women.

  • Skin beauty: the nutrients available in medicinal herbs will reduce wrinkles, prolong the aging process, and regenerate smooth skin.

2. The effect of cordyceps with honey?

Analyzing the composition of cordyceps soaked with honey, this is a mixture with many nutritional values. Honey not only brings a cool sweet taste, is used for the main purpose of creating an easy-to-drink sweetness and is also a solvent for dissolving nutrients in cordyceps.

Cordyceps honey does not treat any disease separately, but also has complementary uses for a number of other related parts of the body. Specifically:

  • For the circulatory system, cardiovascular: Medically proven the main ingredients of the honey cordyceps mixture can help regulate and stabilize the heart rate. Supports blood circulation and blood circulation.

  • For the respiratory system: Honey contains anti-inflammatory and bactericidal substances combined with cordyceps extracts to help treat respiratory diseases such as asthma, cough, acute and chronic bronchitis. count

  • Blood sugar: Cordyceps soaked with honey helps control blood sugar well thanks to the easy-to-dissolve natural sugar of honey. Medicinal ingredients capable of controlling insulin levels in the blood.

  • Reducing cholesterol in the blood: With this use, honey-soaked cordyceps is used for some people with symptoms of diseases related to high cholesterol levels such as heart disease, high blood pressure, fatty blood...

Combined with the great available effects of cordyceps and honey in particular, cordyceps honey is a wonderful gift of nature with very high nutritional value for the body. This combination is suitable for people with related diseases mentioned above, the elderly, young people who need to improve their health.

3. How to soak cordyceps in honey?

Soaking in honey is one of the most popular ways to use cordyceps and is suitable for many different subjects. Cordyceps can be soaked with natural honey or honey wine, each option will have a different implementation.

a. Steps to soak dried and fresh cordyceps with natural honey


Cordyceps (dried or fresh), pure wild honey, glass jars with tight-fitting lids. When choosing fresh mushrooms, it is recommended to choose the type of fungus that grows evenly on the substrate, has a large mushroom head, bright yellow color, fat body and remains monolithic on the substrate to easily create beautiful decorative shapes when soaked.

Implementation steps:

  • Step 1: Wash the cordyceps and remove from the substrate and drain. Wash and dry the jar or turn it upside down to drain all the water to ensure its purity as well as no film when soaked.

  • Step 2: Place the cordyceps on the bottom of the jar, then pour the honey into it.

  • Step 3: Close the lid tightly to avoid direct sunlight. Incubation time 20-30 days depending on the type of pasteurized you use is dry or fresh.

b. How to soak cordyceps with honey wine

If you are not too sweet, you can modify the recipe by adding alcohol to enhance the flavor and reduce the natural sweetness in the honey. When soaked, the concentration of alcohol drops to 4-5 degrees and is very easy to drink.

Implementation steps:

  • Step 1: Wash the coccidiosis, separate it from the substrate and keep the mushroom legs intact to create a beautiful shape. Can be rinsed with alcohol to completely remove the amount of water attached to the cordyceps.

  • Step 2: Wash the glass jar soaked in alcohol, wipe dry.

  • Step 3: Put the curd into the styling jar, then pour the wine and finally pour the honey.

  • Step 4: Seal and store for 20-30 days to be used.

The nutritional composition and uses of the two methods are the same, only the taste is different. However, it is necessary to note the balance of the amount of pasteurized, honey and alcohol according to the specifications to get the best finished product.

One thing to note when soaking the pasteurized is that it should not be soaked in plastic or stainless steel bottles, the ingredients in the pasteurizer easily react with the shell, reducing the effect of alcohol and creating precipitates that are not good for health. strong. It is best to use a transparent glass jar with a tight-fitting lid that does not allow outside air to enter.

4. How to use cordyceps soaked in honey?

For this product to be most effective, it should be used for the right audience and at the right dose.

  • Target users: heavy workers, people who have just gotten sick; elder; People who want to beautify and improve health.

  • Usage: 20-30ml honey mixed with warm water before breakfast. Use 1 time per day.

  • Who should not use: Children under 13 years old, people with fever, people with infectious diseases, women during menstruation. For people with diabetes, gout should be used with caution.

No matter how good cordyceps soaked in honey is, before using it, you should still consult a professional doctor to avoid unnecessary health risks.

5. Notes when using cordyceps with honey?

Some autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis, scarlet fever, rheumatoid arthritis... If using cordyceps, it will increase the activity of the immune system. If you are having problems with the above symptoms, you should not take cordyceps at this time.

Cordyceps honey supports blood circulation very well and stimulates ATP, so it will affect the body's natural blood clotting process. Therefore, patients who are about to have surgery and have just undergone surgery should temporarily stop using 2 weeks before and after surgery to avoid the risk of affecting the surgical process.

It is advisable to consult your prescribing physician if you wish to use cordyceps supplements along with treatment with other medications.

Pay attention to the appropriate dosage for the individual health of each family member. Dosage can be measured based on age, physical condition and individual medical conditions. You should consult and follow the instructions for use listed on the packaging of cordyceps products.

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