Working Process Of Anitime Joint Stock Company

Updated at: 20/04/2022

1. What is the Working Process?

What is a Workflow – A workflow is a sequence of activities that need to be implemented in order of priority in order to achieve a certain goal. Workflow can be flexible according to each stage, each task or new project or work to optimize the results achieved.

2. Working Process of Anitime Joint Stock Company.

2.1. Receive information about customers.

Ways of receiving information:

  • Receiving via hotline: 0949 48 6666
  • Received in the form of "order service" from website, Email, Facebook ..

2.2. Survey

Schedule a survey appointment. Directly go to the site of the work to be constructed to survey the actual status of the work to give the most reasonable quotation.

2.3. Quote

After conducting the actual survey of the current status of the work items to be constructed. We carry out the calculation and make a quotation to send to customers for reference.

2.4. Contract

After completing the above steps. We draft and issue a legal agreement for the two parties to work and sign to officially start the working process.

2.5. Email the Construction Schedule to Customers.

After signing the contract between the two parties A & B, we proceed to execute the agreed project items according to the schedule set by the customer. Conduct flexibly according to the time set by the customer side as well as our company to provide a specific general construction time for both parties.

2.6. Service Acceptance

Once the phase has been completed, the construction process is complete. We and the customer side conduct the acceptance test of the project to hand over the completed construction items.

2.7. Issue Financial Invoice

We provide documents  to record information about selling goods and providing services in accordance with the law.

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