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The beauty and longevity of carpets and office chairs depends mostly on the care and the maintenance that they receive. Regularly cleaning the carpets and chairs will help them keep as new and clean over time. 

Here are some more convincing reasons to hire a professional cleaning company to clean your carpets, saving you time, effort, and protecting your belongings:

1. Extend carpet life

Using our carpet - office chair cleaning service will lengthen the using time of your carpet and office chair. Periodically cleaning using specialized chemicals helps eliminate dirt and mites from the carpet thoroughly. Moreover, the floor is also protected against damage and rotting caused by carpeting that has gathered filth for an extended period of time.

2. Improve air quality, prevent the spread of bacteria

Pollutants, dust from the air and shoes will easily get trapped inside the fibers of carpet or chair leather. In just a short time, dirt and bacteria will accumulate, causing unpleasant odors, making the air in the working environment heavily affected.

3. Refresh the workspace

The workstation will become cleaner, more organized, and more empathetic with a fragrance carpet and clean, sparkling office chairs that seem brand new. Thereby, the customers will see that the cleaning service of your business is meticulously cared for. And that will make a great impression on your customers and employees.

4. Improve employee morale

A clean office lifts morale, lifts the mood, motivates employees to work harder and better to contribute to your business.

Clean carpets and chairs every 6-12 months (depending on your business working environment) for better air quality and ventilation in the office.

5. Prevents the spread of allergens and bacteria

Carpets are the perfect environment for bacteria and allergens, especially dirty carpets that leave an unpleasant odor in your business workspace.


Không gian làm việc đẹpClean carpets and chairs every 6-12 months (depending on your business working environment) for better air quality and ventilation in the office.


This is the carpet cleaning process we always follow after years of industry experience. The process includes the following steps:

Step 1 - Carpet Condition Check: 

Our professional carpet cleaning service begins by walking around the room and looking for spots, stains and signs of wear and tear. We always go with our customers to make sure they know what condition their carpet is in and what we have to do to make it look its best.

Step 2 - Vacuuming: 

Then we remove all dry soil by vacuuming. This not only makes the rest of the cleaning process easier, but also ensures that no harmful friction is created when we clean.

Step 3 - Remove Furniture: 

Please remove any valuables or fragile items from the area. Our team will be happy to assist with moving easily movable items such as chairs and sofas. Heavy and fixed items of course we cannot move.

Step 4 - Pre-spray: 

We apply chemicals to help dissolve and break up some stains and dirt on the carpet surface

Step 5 - Remove dirty spots: Stains like coffee, gum stains....

Step 6 - Carpet surface treatment: 

Use a carpet cleaner to dissolve carpet surface stains

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Step 7 - Absorb the dirty water: 

We use a dedicated water vacuum to suck the dirt on the carpet surface.

Step 8 - Treat Residual Stains: 

There may be some residual spots that we were unable to remove through the previous parts of the cleaning process. They will be trying to remove them. However, there may be some that are permanent and we cannot remove them. Curry stain dye on a white wool carpet is an example.

Step 9 - Drying: 

We have portable drying fans that will reduce your carpet drying time. You can turn on the air conditioner to speed up the drying process of the carpet.

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Step 10 - Inspection: 

Finally, we'll accompany you to show you how your carpet has been restored and to make sure you're satisfied with the work we've done. Let us know if you have any problems with our carpet cleaning as we want you to be satisfied.

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  • Well-trained and professional staff.
  • High-quality machinery and specialized chemicals we use to ensure the health and safety of customers.
  • Ultra-deep cleaning, completely removing dirt, bacteria, and odors from your carpet.
  • Our staff have a standard attitude, friendly, and understanding customers.
  • Be able to flexibly at any time and place of the customers.
  • The most competitive prices in carpet, sofa, and mattress cleaning services, as well as many other cleaning services.


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  • Working conscientiously to bring satisfaction to customers is our top criterion.
  • Staff are professionally trained and have many years of experience.
  • Constantly improving, using technology and modern equipment.


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