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Currently, most departments and industries have been using this professional cleaning service. With ANITIME's daily cleaning service package, the working environment of businesses will be comprehensively cared for every day by our professional staff. This service will give businesses an airy, clean and healthy space and inspire employees to focus on work and bring high efficiency. In recent years, industrial cleaning services have helped our country create jobs for thousands of social workers and contribute to improving the lives of workers. For school areas, buildings, offices, hospitals, public areas... keeping clean is a must-have criterion.

We offer affordable services, as well as experienced and skilled personnel, as well as current specialized equipment and machines. Anitime is always available to assist you with all of your professional cleaning requirements.

Anitime is building and operating a Quality Management System in accordance with ISO standards to continuously enhance and improve service quality and fulfill the expectations of customers in order to provide clients with stable quality services. Customers are becoming more numerous. 

We intend to always commit to delivering clients satisfaction with Anitime's service quality with the message "Accompanying businesses." Because customer happiness is our "Anitime" brand's goal and success. 

Anitime is dedicated to providing customers with the highest quality industrial cleaning services at the most affordable costs. Anitime is looking forward to cooperating and being a companion to develop together with customers.



  • Anitime provides customers with the following cleaning and maintenance services on a regular basis: ANITIME's daily - periodic cleaning service will assist customers in sharing concerns regarding people management and coordination, chemical tool costs, and machinery wear and tear. 
  • Cleaning crew should be trained and given specific cleaning machines, tools, and chemicals. 
  • Based on the results of the survey, create a cleaning process and optimize it. 
  • Supervise employees and keep an eye on service quality. 
  • Report the results of your work to the Office of the Management Board on a regular basis so that your suggestions can be acknowledged and service quality can be improved. 
  • Proposing value-added services.
  • Commitment to quality service provided.



1. Cost reductions 

Customers who use our expert services will receive high-quality service at the most affordable price: 

  • The sanitation crew is well trained, committed, and accountable for their work. 
  • There's no need to spend money on specialized cleaning supplies or chemicals. 
  • Simply pay the service price to avoid having to pay salary or employee policies. 
  • Increases the life of cleaned items and extends the amortization time. 
  • Officers and employees of the company should have a better working and living environment. 
  • Cleaning is exclusively the responsibility of the supplier.

2. Aesthetics

  • Aesthetics is the second factor to consider. 
  • Cleanliness is maintained in the aisles, floors, and passageways. 
  • The building is well-lit thanks to transparent glass doors that are free of stains. 
  • The stairwells and elevators are cleaned on a regular basis. 
  • Toilets are constantly kept clean, tidy, and scented.


3. The ability to work professionally 

  • The crew has received professional training and has been given particular responsibilities to do. 
  • Uniforms, machines, equipment, and specialist cleaning chemicals are all provided. 
  • Employees are not only professionally qualified, but they are also taught in professional ethics and honest commitment.



We are committed to helping you at all times, your happiness is our happiness. 

  • Ensure that the assignment is completed on time - HONESTY - RESPONSIBILITY 
  • Staff that has been professionally trained and has a lot of experience. 
  • Constant improvement through the use of technology and sophisticated equipment. 



Cleaning services in general. 

Cleaning service for carpets and office chairs. 

Alu. sanitation service 

Cleaning service for air conditioners. 

Disinfectant spray service is available. 

Cleaning service for kitchen chimneys. 

Service for industrial exhaust fans. 

Install an exhaust system in the kitchen.


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