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General Cleaning is actually a phrase describing the cleaning and cleaning work after the construction and repair process. This is considered a rather time-consuming and laborious job because it includes many stages such as removing cement stains on the brick floor, painting the walls, garbage, broken bricks during the construction process, .... That is also the reason the general cleaning service at Anitime Joint Stock Company was born. To support and help customers solve those worries.


Normally, after completion of works and houses, it is necessary to conduct a general cleaning after construction before handing over to the owner. Why is that necessary? Because in the process of repairing, upgrading or building a new one will also generate a lot of different types of waste. This process is not just jobs like cleaning up machinery, broken bricks. It also includes tasks such as cleaning stains and paints on walls and floors. Or even the glue or residual cement left behind. Vacuuming and cleaning up debris is also an important step in this work.


Carrying out general cleaning and cleaning of houses as well as works will make the overall look cleaner and more airy. In addition, after completing the brick and stone work, the scattered screws will cause danger to users. Especially with spaces with playful children. This job will also clean up the remaining dirt around the nooks and crannies, making cleaning the house easy later. It also includes many stages such as how to remove white cement on the brick floor, cleaning the floor after construction. In addition, using the service with many ways to remove double-sided tape on the wall will make us have a better new place.
“Clean house is cool, clean bowl is delicious” A clean and decent place will always help our mind to be more comfortable, right?


A. Step 1: Clean the rough part

General cleaning of the rough part is the first job to do before cleaning the house after the construction of the fine part. This means that the waste must be collected according to the process from top to bottom and transported to the designated waste storage area. This process makes cleaning the next part easier and also avoids clogging the drainage system of the building or house when it is put into use.

B. Step 2: General cleaning:

► Clean the ceiling: Clean dust on the ceiling, clean around the light troughs and objects on the ceiling.
► Cleaning and sanitizing porches, facades.
► Clean and vacuum the walls, baseboards, and dirty wall tiles.
► Clean the system of wooden doors, glass doors inside and outside of the building…
► Cleaning and sanitizing electrical appliances in the house.
► Stair cleaning: cleaning and sanitizing stairs and handrails.
► General cleaning of living room, bedroom, warehouse: Cleaning furniture, walls, floors,
►General cleaning of the kitchen: cleaning, vacuuming the corners of the kitchen and cleaning kitchen equipment.
► General floor cleaning: Tiles, stone, wood...: scrub the floor with an industrial floor scrubber to remove dirt, cement, paint remaining on the floor; Remove, polish all types of floors with suitable chemicals and use industrial vacuum cleaners and vacuums to suck up all dirt, chemicals and wastewater on the floor.
► Interior cleaning: Clean tables and chairs, clean beds, shelves, TVs, fans, statues, cabinets, ...
► Cleaning the toilet: use specialized chemicals to clean and clean sanitary equipment along with deodorizing the bathroom.
► For large areas we will also use floor polishers, wall paint scrapers to get the job done faster.

C. Step 3: Acceptance and handover of the project

After the cleaning process is done, the customer will also conduct the acceptance process.


With more than 8 years in the sanitary ware, kitchen equipment and building materials industry in Vietnam, we understand the urgent need to protect the equipment around our lives. Below will bring the items that we construct such as:

- Cleaning industrial air conditioners
- Repairing industrial exhaust fans
- Daily cleaning
- Disinfectant spray
- Total sanitation
- Clean the glass, Alu



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