Overview of Anitime

Anitime Joint Stock Company, established since 2013, prides itself on possessing advanced technical technology and a team of experienced personnel in the field of industrial sanitation & maintenance.
We are committed to developing and becoming the leading service company with the best quality. With a focus on customer experience, we prioritize customer satisfaction in every project. ANITIME aims to set new standards for quality and time in the sanitation and maintenance industry, overcoming all limits and challenges. The combination of advanced technology, specialized knowledge, and dedication of our staff is an important factor in providing optimal and effective solutions for customers. With ANITIME, we are not just service providers but also partners, contributing to building a clean, beautiful, and sustainable environment for customers and the community.
The company's
development journey

With an outstanding and experienced team of over 500 employees, ANITIME has made a mark on many partners both domestically and internationally. The trust and companionship of our esteemed partners are invaluable sources of pride, serving as the guiding light for ANITIME throughout its 10-year journey.

With the aim of maintaining and building upon the achievements we have attained, we consistently strive for innovation and creativity, applying modern technology systems alongside the most time-efficient sanitation and maintenance solutions to provide maximum convenience for our customers.


Our goal is to become a leading company in cleaning, repair, maintenance, and installation techniques to meet the needs of customers who cannot find alternative solutions to their problems in the market. With this mindset, Anitime emphasizes its commitment to preventing pollution, workplace accidents, continuously improving environmental activities, and respecting laws regarding our products, services, and operations.


Our main mission is to make challenging services easy through a cost-effective business model while fully meeting the highest expectations of customers. We continuously innovate and improve to develop and contribute to the environment and community.

Core Values

Our team is committed to meeting customer satisfaction and continuously developing our services.

Service Product Direction
Continuous Development
Respect for the Environment
Personal Development
Sustainability of the Business
Working Environment
  • Transparency - Fairness
  • Genuine Cooperation
  • Enthusiasm
  • Professional
We understand that to obtain full commitment from all employees, ensuring transparency and fairness from performance evaluations to personnel capabilities, to the implementation of policies that ensure all members of the company are treated equally is a prerequisite factor that we are passionately dedicated to building, implementing, and continually improving.
Management always listens and guides employees, colleagues are always ready to share and support; employees are always trusting, open-minded, and eager to learn to achieve common goals together.
With a dynamic and energetic team, always dedicated to their work as well as other activities to achieve the company's goals.
From modern work equipment to clean, safe, and orderly working environments, to the working style of employees.
Building values
The brand value and the team of personnel are the most valuable assets of the company. We understand that to harness the full dedication of all employees, ensuring transparency and fairness from performance evaluations to applying policies that ensure all members of the company are treated equally is a prerequisite that we are passionately committed to building, implementing, and continuously improving.
Welfare benefits and policies
"We understand the value that employees bring to the Company, so we regularly research the labor market to have flexible and appropriate salary and bonus policies. In addition, we also place special emphasis on the spiritual life and health of all members of the company by implementing welfare policies such as: Annual travel, Annual leave days, employee health care, birthday and wedding benefits...

We continue to improve and enhance our policies and benefits with the desire for Anitime to always be a second home for every employee."
Our Team
"The success of a business is not only measured by financial capabilities but also by its contribution to society and the community."
Nguyen Van Vinh
Nguyen Thi Trinh
Vice Director
Ha Ngoc Nhu
Sales Department Manager
Nguyen Thi My Tram
Operations Manager
Ly Van Tuong
Chief Accountant
Le Van Dong
Technical Department Manager
Tran Thi Bich Ngoc
Human Resources Manager
Organizational Chart