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ANITIME Company confidently leads the market with professional, fast, reliable, cost-saving glass and aluminum cleaning services for customers. ANITIME's staff have high professional qualifications, are fully equipped with modern working equipment, and always complete the assigned work quickly and safely. If you want to get a quote for cleaning services, you can contact our hotline. In case you are still hesitant, this article will help you grasp the information.

Professional, cheap glass and aluminum cleaning service

1. Professional and fast glass cleaning service - alu ANITIME

The outstanding development of the construction design industry has made glass material - Alu become the top choice of many investors. Not only is it used for cladding the outside of buildings, making door frames, partitions or decorative signs, but this material also has many other applications. However, under natural conditions, glass and Alu materials are easily damaged by the effects of dew, wind, light, and rainwater. Therefore, after a period of use, to maintain the beauty and durability of this material, investors need to pay attention to periodic cleaning and maintenance.

Many customers think they can clean the glass inside the building themselves with basic tools. However, it will not be easy to clean the inside and outside, because this area is more difficult, more dangerous and requires more specialized equipment.

ANITIME is currently providing professional overhead glass and aluminum cleaning service solutions by swinging glass cleaning methods. In some cases, we will coordinate scaffolding, forklifts, cranes, etc. to complete the task as quickly and safely as possible!

If you need to use professional glass cleaning service, please contact us at the hotline number.

2. Highly professional and enthusiastic staff

Đội ngũ nhân viên chuyên môn cao, nhiệt tình
Highly professional and enthusiastic staff

With a team of professional staff with many years of experience in the field of glass and aluminum cleaning, we accept construction on all terrains and levels:

  • From cleaning glasses at simple to difficult levels.

  • From a height of a few meters to several hundred meters, everything is handled conscientiously and effectively.

ANITIME's glass and aluminum cleaning service is committed to always bringing maximum satisfaction to customers.

3. Modern and safe specialized sanitary equipment

ANITIME Company is a provider of quality glass and aluminum cleaning services. We always use a full range of modern equipment, including: glass squeegees, soft rags, professional swing chairs, durable climbing ropes, helmets,... Besides, cleaning chemicals Dedicated, safe, guaranteed not to affect the environment and personal or collective health.

4. Save investors' time

Save investors' time

We understand that time is precious to you. So if you are looking to hire a punctual and reliable glass and aluminum cleaning service, choose ANITIME. We are confident that we can satisfy all your requirements. Whenever you call, the unit will quickly respond on time, complete the cleaning task effectively, and return the building's inherent shine, luxury and cleanliness.

5. Professional and scientific glass and aluminum cleaning process


Professional and scientific glass and aluminum cleaning process

The technical process of our glass cleaning service includes the following steps:

Step 1 - Preparation

First, we will coordinate with the building management board to arrange the working area, check the safety of working equipment and tools, including lanyards, safety belts, safety locks, seats, etc. protective helmet. Place quarantine signs.

Step 2 - Clean the rough glass

We perform rough cleaning, removing adhesion, glue, silicon, paint and other stains on the glass surface.

Step 3 - Clean the glass frame

Next, the glass cleaning service - alu will carefully clean the glass frame to ensure cleanliness and completeness.

Step 4 - Clean the glass surface

We use rabbit hair to scrub glass, combined with specialized chemicals to wet the glass surface. Then, use a glass wiper to clean the glass surface and use a towel to thoroughly treat remaining stains.

Step 5 - Clean up the construction area

When the work is finished, we remove tarpaulins and isolation ropes, thoroughly clean the construction area, leaving a clean space after completing the work.

Step 6 - Check and hand over

Finally, the glass cleaning service - alu will conduct a thorough inspection before handing over, ensuring to bring the most perfection to customers.

6. Benefits of the glass cleaning service - alu ANITIME brings to you

Modern and safe specialized sanitary equipment


Glass cleaning service - alu brings many significant benefits to customers such as:

Minimize risks

Glass and aluminum cleaning services will help promptly detect the phenomenon of exposed silicon grout in the adjacent area. From there, fix it right during the construction process, to avoid water seepage and affect the building.

Shiny, luxurious

Glass cleaning service - alu is a way to bring a new layer of coat to the building, creating a clean, shiny look and increasing the longevity of the building.

Classy, increased value

For large buildings and hotels, using ANITIME's periodic glass and aluminum cleaning service is a way to increase their own value and brand, helping to create class and professionalism. Thanks to that, we can confidently welcome customers and partners to visit.

Easy to observe

Fogged or stained glasses will definitely obstruct the vision for people inside the building. Therefore, don't let this make you lose points in the eyes of your employees or customers. Please contact ANITIME to immediately use the fast, professional glass cleaning service.

Animame - A provider of quick, professional glass cleaning services

We understand that the market has many competitive units providing glass and aluminum cleaning services. However, to get the best service experience, choose ANITIME. We look forward to cooperating with customers in the near future!