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Chimney cleaning service

With the desire to bring a safe air environment, Animame chimney cleaning service is one of the pioneers with reputable quality trusted by the market and customers. In recent years, the problem of air pollution has spread and the development of chimney and wind duct systems has partly solved the above situation. However, to ensure the best performance, cleaning is essential.

With a team of experienced staff and modern machinery and equipment, we specialize in cleaning chimneys with comprehensive and periodic services to help you feel secure with your production and business activities. To better understand Animame's chimney cleaning service, please join us in learning through the following content.

Animame - a pioneer in providing reputable chimney cleaning services that is trusted by the market and customers

1. Professional and scientific Animame chimney cleaning service

Ventilation pipes are very commonly used in life, from cooking to production and trading of raw materials, etc. After a period of use, waste will stick to chimneys and ventilation pipes. . This will affect the ability to suck hard and suck out toxic air. More dangerously, if not cleaned properly, it can cause a fire hazard.

Besides, not cleaning the chimney regularly also creates conditions for mold and bacteria to grow. This is the cause of respiratory diseases for employees at work.

Not cleaning the chimney regularly is the main reason that creates conditions for mold and bacteria to grow

Therefore, in order to ensure stable operating performance and an environment with fresh air, contributing to environmental protection, cleaning is necessary and should be carried out regularly.

Depending on the frequency of use of the kitchen chimney, the industrial chimney will have different cleaning intervals:

  • For restaurants and hotels: every 2-3 months.

  • For chimney systems of factories and industrial parks, about every 6 months.

Understanding the importance of cleaning as well as the needs of many business owners, Animame is providing professional, quick, and optimal chimney cleaning services to help bring a clean, safe space while contributing to environmental protection section.

By using modern equipment and effective cleaning chemicals, chimney stains are quickly removed while being safe for equipment, health and the environment.

Animame currently provides a variety of chimney cleaning services such as:

  • Restaurant kitchen chimney cleaning service.

  • Hotel chimney cleaning service.

  • Industrial park chimney cleaning service....

2. Strength in Animame's chimney cleaning service


As a reputable unit, Animame always receives trust and appreciation from customers and partners

Operating in the field of chimney cleaning for many years in many provinces and cities, Animame has always received trust and appreciation from customers and partners with the following advantages:

Competitive and reasonable costs

Animame develops and provides cleaning services with the desire to meet all customer needs. Therefore, in addition to diversifying services, Animame also diversifies chimney cleaning service packages with different prices: comprehensive cleaning packages and periodic cleaning will help customers have more choices. . Thereby helping customers save on the cost of hiring non-cleaning services for families and businesses.

Quick cleaning service

No matter where you are or what your requirements are, Animame is always ready to provide quick and dedicated chimney cleaning service. We provide a variety of chimney cleaning services for many units from restaurants, bars, hotels to factory chimneys.

Professional cleaning team

Coming to Animame, customers can be completely assured about the quality of chimney cleaning because the unit owns a cleaning team with extensive experience, high working efficiency, and is committed to cleaning quickly and meeting required standards. proposed by the customer. Our staff works with 100 % effort and professional dedication.

Modern machinery and equipment, safe cleaning chemicals

Anime possesses modern mechanical equipment that easily removes stubborn stains

Instead of disassembling and cleaning the chimney like the traditional way, Animame uses modern machinery and equipment to clean directly and quickly, saving maximum time. Besides, the chemicals used to clean chimneys are specialized chemicals that quickly remove stains, do not cause equipment corrosion and are safe for users and the surrounding environment.

Chimney cleaning process

To safely clean the chimney, the Animame service follows the correct cleaning process as follows:

  • Step 1: Prepare and check specialized cleaning equipment for chimney cleaning.

  • Step 2: Move movable furniture and equipment away from the chimney location.

  • Step 3: Use tarpaulin to cover the construction area to ensure that dust and dirt do not affect surrounding locations.

  • Step 4: Disconnect the entire chimney electrical system before cleaning.

  • Step 5: Dismantle some of the exhaust fixtures to clean the internal parts of the chimney and exhaust fan.

  • Step 6: Mix specialized chemicals and spray on the surface to be cleaned to remove smoke and grease from the fan and exhaust pipe.

  • Step 7: Rinse with water and dry the equipment.

  • Step 8: When the device is dry, install it and turn on the power to test the exhaust fan.

  • Step 9: General inspection, clean up the tarpaulin, clean the newly constructed area clean and hand over to the unit.

Benefits of regular chimney cleaning

Professional and dedicated cleaning process ensures customer satisfaction

Cleaning the chimney is a way to help increase the lifespan and ensure the performance of the equipment. Besides these advantages, regular cleaning also brings many benefits as follows:

  • Create a clean, airy working environment.

  • Eliminates unpleasant odors from kitchen smoke and restaurant grease to create a good impression on everyone.

  • Contribute to reducing air pollution.

  • Somewhat energy-saving gas chimney operates stably.

  • Minimize the risk of fire and explosion in goods and factories. In fact, one of the causes of fires and explosions is partly due to chimneys not being cleaned and maintained periodically.

When Anitme is given the opportunity, we will definitely not let you down

We understand that, with increasing demand, you can easily find a unit providing chimney cleaning services on the market. However, whether that unit is reputable, cleans effectively, safely and offers affordable prices is always an open issue. With many years of experience and a dedicated staff, Animame chimney cleaning service is committed to providing customers with satisfactory service quality. Given the opportunity, we will definitely not let you down.