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Installation of industrial smoke extraction system

Are you looking for a reputable industrial smoke extraction system construction unit, smart solutions for restaurants and offices? ANITIME, with extensive experience in implementing many projects in restaurants, hotels, factories, etc., is proud to have enough capacity to meet the needs of designing professional smoke extraction systems, providing a safe, quality atmosphere. , clean. Refer to the article below to understand more about ANITME's industrial smoke extraction system construction service!

Animame - reputable and professional industrial smoke extraction system construction unit

ANITIME – a professional, dedicated industrial smoke extraction system construction unit

Industrial dust extraction systems play an increasingly important role in many large models such as restaurants, hotels, and industrial parks. It is not difficult to understand, the device is popular as it is known as a solution for purifying clean air while minimizing bad risks such as fires and explosions. With an understanding of equipment and optimal construction solutions, ANITIME has been providing reputable, professional industrial smoke extraction system construction services to customers.

With ANITIME, customer benefits are always given priority. That's why the company always tries every day with its professional staff to contribute and become a trusted partner of customers. The construction of industrial dust extraction systems requires highly specialized techniques, safety and aesthetics, so ANITIME focuses on design standards as well as the most suitable plan according to each actual situation.

We provide a variety of smoke extraction system construction packages for units:

  • Construction of industrial smoke extraction system for restaurants.

  • Construction of industrial smoke extraction system for factories.

  • Construction of industrial smoke extraction system for industrial park.

  • Construction of hotel industrial smoke extraction system.

Experienced and professional construction team

Animame owns an experienced, professional, and dedicated construction team

At ANITIME, we are proud to have a team of quality personnel ready to meet the technical requirements of suction system construction.

Experienced and professional construction team. All ANITIME employees are thoroughly trained and understand advanced design, structure and construction methods to help save space costs for investors.

With experience, the unit works dedicatedly and diligently, ready to answer and advise questions. Each job and each construction phase is carefully worked and thoroughly inspected before handover. During use, if there are any operational or other problems, the team will be there immediately to help you solve the problem quickly.

Modern equipment

Professional and scientific working process, modern equipment system, easily removes all stubborn stains

Accompanied by a team of professional personnel, to ensure a quality industrial smoke extraction system for customers, the unit also invests in modern equipment. Thanks to that, the construction process is shortened, construction is safe, and quality standards are guaranteed. Thanks to that, you can be completely assured about the quality and durability of the project.

6-step process for properly constructing industrial smoke extraction systems
The smoke extraction system is a smart solution that brings fresh, cool air to the kitchen space. In order for the system to work with optimal performance and safely remove smoke and deodorize, the construction process will be carried out with the following 6 steps:

Step 1: Actual survey

Surveying is the first step but also an important step to be able to develop the most optimal suitable construction plan. The technician will measure and consider the exact location of the industrial kitchen installation to calculate the full length of the smoke hood, the path of the smoke exhaust system, and the installation locations of other equipment such as motors...

Step 2: Consulting on design and construction solutions

After the actual survey, the ANITIME industrial smoke extraction system collection service will specifically advise customers on options based on the location and available area to help customers make appropriate choices for installation. ANITIME will then design the system layout that the company is consulting for the customer.

Step 3: Agree on smoke pipeline construction plans

Scientific professional working process

In addition to the kitchen and exhaust system layout drawing, the location of the smoke duct construction also plays an extremely important role. The pipeline will be designed on the ceiling of the industrial kitchen area, so it will need to be calculated so as not to affect the moving position and how to move to save the most on the pipeline.

Step 4: Make an estimate

Agreeing on all options, the ANITIME industrial smoke extraction system construction unit will send a quote with estimated costs to the customer. With this process, customers can grasp information about installation costs and actively source financial resources. Besides, if the estimate is considered unreasonable, it can be balanced with the construction unit.

Step 5: Construction and installation of the smoke extraction system

After the workshop completes the production of industrial smoke extraction system equipment, ANITIME will proceed to install each equipment in turn.

Step 6: Acceptance and handover to customer

Completing all stages of the construction of the industrial dust extraction system, ANITIME will conduct inspection and test operation. If the equipment parts operate stably, they will be handed over to the customer unit.

Why should you choose ANITIME industrial smoke extraction system construction unit?

Fast cleaning, available after 30 minutes

Choosing ANITIME unit to construct industrial smoke extraction systems, customers can be completely assured because we always ensure to provide you with the following benefits:

Construction cost is affordable

Coming to ANITIME, customers do not need to worry too much about the price of industrial smoke extraction system construction. Understanding the desire to save costs, ANITIME provides customers with affordable prices on the market, not to mention the unit also has many construction and installation packages corresponding to different prices. From there, customers can balance their finances to choose the most effective construction solution.

Post-installation warranty policy

To ensure project quality for customers, ANITIME commits to a long-term warranty policy after installation. During the operation process, if the unit encounters any difficulties, problems or damage problems arise, customers can contact and the unit will be present and help you fix the problems that are occurring.

Animation industrial smoke extraction system construction service - Solution for the most stubborn stains

Find a reputable industrial smoke extraction system construction unit to help your factory meet safety, quality, and operational efficiency criteria. ANITIME is dedicated, professional and reputable and hopes to become a partner with customers to create the best values. If customers are interested and want to learn about construction costs, please contact us at the hotline number for support!