ANITIME's general cleaning service carries out cleaning tasks from A to Z, ensuring convenience, speed, and savings. Click the hotline for advice and quotes.

Comprehensive cleaning service

Are you looking for professional general cleaning service in Ho Chi Minh City? Your wish is to find a methodical service, with a team of dedicated and visionary workers. Then don't look any further, ANITIME is here to support you with a series of the most professional cleaning services.

ANITIME - A reputable and professional general cleaning service provider

ANITIME's general cleaning service performs all cleaning work. We not only serve basic cleaning but also perform cleaning operations that require a high level of expertise, ensuring a large workload such as during the holidays.

Refer to the information below to understand details about our unit's general cleaning service.

1. ANITIME general cleaning service is convenient - fast - economical

ANITIME carries out cleaning tasks from A to Z

Overall cleaning of the project is not as simple as many people think. This job is difficult because of the cleaning and tidying up of objects.

Construction materials and chemicals left in highly specific spaces such as ceilings, floors, walls, glass, etc. require high experience and skills. You can clean it yourself, but it certainly won't achieve the desired quality. That's why the ANITIME general cleaning service has appeared and is increasingly popular, trusted and chosen by many customers.

Customers coming to ANITIME will sign a long-term contract with the unit to ensure stability and reliability during the working process. Customers can also choose to register for a flexible or fixed general cleaning service schedule, and can assign regular cleaning tasks for the staff to perform. The service not only brings high work efficiency but also helps customers save more time. ANITIME staff is proficient in their work so they can start work as soon as they are assigned tasks.

ANITIME currently provides utilities for general cleaning and house cleaning such as:

  • Weekly general cleaning package.

  • Monthly general cleaning package.

  • Quarterly general cleaning package.

  • Annual general cleaning package.

2. Professional and dedicated staff

Professional and dedicated staff

During the general cleaning process, ANITIME uses modern machinery and equipment, capable of cleaning faster and more effectively than traditional methods. Each unit is specifically designed and engineered to meet large-scale cleaning requirements. They are capable of reaching and handling hard-to-reach areas and different surfaces effectively.

3. Ensuring environmental friendliness

ANITIME is committed to implementing sustainable general cleaning methods, minimizing negative impacts on the environment. Using environmentally friendly products and effective work processes is an important part of this commitment.

4. Committed to preserving a clean and green environment

Ensuring environmental friendliness

Professional and scientific general cleaning service process

Step 1: General cleaning of rough parts

This is the first job to do when cleaning the house after finishing construction. This step makes cleaning the back part easier, avoiding blockage of the building's drainage system.

Step 2: Complete general cleaning

This step will include the following tasks:

  • Clean the ceiling.
  • Clean around light fixtures and items on the ceiling.
  • Sweep dust and clean bare surfaces.
  • Clean and sanitize the facade.
  • Vacuum, clean walls, baseboards, and dirty wall tiles.
  • Clean electrical equipment in the house.
  • Clean stairs.
  • Clean the entire system of glass doors, wooden doors outside and inside.
  • General cleaning of bedrooms, living rooms, and warehouses.
  • General cleaning of the kitchen.
  • General cleaning of the floor, coating with chemicals.
  • Clean furniture.
  • Clean the toilet.
Committed to preserving a clean and green environment

Step 3: Acceptance of the project after general cleaning and handover to the customer.

When the cleaning process is completed, the customer will also perform the acceptance process.

5. The values that ANITIME general cleaning service brings to you

ANITIME general cleaning service - Customer's number 1 choice

Solve large volumes of work

ANITIME general cleaning service is the optimal solution, completing a large amount of work quickly that is difficult to meet with hourly cleaning services.

Save time

If you want to complete a large amount of work in a short time, you only need to contact ANITIME general cleaning service once. You will immediately have a team of staff to handle all the work on your behalf.

No costs for tools or equipment

The staff of ANITIME general cleaning service is fully equipped with tools when cleaning. You do not need to add any additional tools such as hourly cleaning services.

Improved workspace

General cleaning of the construction space not only helps ensure a clean and safe living environment but also destroys the residence of disease-causing bacteria.

Solving the problem of quality and general cleaning services well is the way you improve your working space, ensuring a healthy living and working environment. If you are looking for this, please give ANITIME a chat, we firmly believe that there are no closed doors, only increased opportunities and choices. Please call our hotline now!