Daily cleaning service

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Are you looking for a daily cleaning service to clean your project, house, or office on your behalf? ANITIME's daily cleaning service is the best choice for you, helping customers save costs and time, helping you maintain a safe, clean and comfortable working environment and living space.

If you want to learn more about the values that ANITIME's services can bring, please refer to our article below.

ANITIME's daily cleaning service is the best choice for you

1. Daily cleaning service packages provided by ANITIME

Daily cleaning work always needs to be focused and performed regularly and continuously for organizations and agencies such as apartments, offices, buildings, supermarkets, schools, hospitals,... Together With a deep understanding of the nature of operations in each type of real estate, ANITIME will develop the most suitable daily cleaning plan to ensure hygiene is always maintained, further maximizing benefits. for customers.

ANITIME always standardizes the quality of its daily cleaning services by the most professional and passionate staff. This is a cleaning service for the public environment, so ANITIME focuses on using cleaning chemicals with antibacterial properties to ensure protection against diseases transmitted through the environment.

ANITIME's popular daily cleaning service packages include:

  • Daily cleaning service for offices.
  • Daily cleaning service for buildings.
  • Daily cleaning service for schools.
  • Daily cleaning service for the factory.
  • Daily cleaning service for restaurants and hotels.

2. Professional and responsible staff

Professional staff with a sense of responsibility

ANITIME daily cleaning service always focuses on improving the capacity of its staff by providing training courses on how to use tools and machinery safely and effectively when cleaning goods. day.

All staff are well-trained, professional, and have in-depth expertise in all different fields, ensuring that cleaning work is optimal, simple, and highly effective. best.

3. Modern machinery - safe chemicals

Modern machinery - safe chemicals

Daily cleaning services at ANITIME are equipped with modern machines and leading specialized chemicals; helps optimize time and bring greater efficiency. Through that, ANITIME can meet all the most diverse and demanding needs of customers.

The chemicals used by ANITIME are committed to being safe for health and environmentally friendly.

4. Professional, in-depth service


Professional, in-depth service

We provide professional services with depth in the field of cleaning, handling all requests from customers with the support of many types of modern machinery and specialized chemicals. Whether your business is small or large, you don't have to worry about cleaning when ANITIME daily cleaning service takes care of this step.

Especially with leading experts in the field of hygiene, ANITIME helps customers make optimal choices and tasks that need to be done to help save maximum costs for customers.

5. Methodical daily cleaning process

Meticulous daily cleaning process

Step 1: Before starting the daily cleaning service, ANITIME staff will fully prepare the necessary equipment and tools for cleaning.

Step 2: The daily cleaning process will include the following steps:

  • Clean the floor, mop and sweep away dirt on the floor.
  • Clean stains on chairs, decorations, and wall pictures.
  • Dust the walls, clean the base of the walls.
  • Clean stairs, fire escapes and clean baseboards and handrails.
  • Clean the toilet, wipe down equipment and objects: faucets, basins, mirrors,...
  • Collect trash in green bins.
  • Clean meeting rooms and offices.
  • Clean carpets, tables and chairs.
  • Clean and wipe shelves, cabinets, and glass doors.

Step 3: After daily cleaning is completed, staff check again to ensure the areas are clean and free of waste or unpleasant odors.

Step 4: Hand over daily cleaning work to customers. Customers will accept acceptance to ensure satisfaction with the daily cleaning service that ANITIME provides.

6. Check out the "golden" benefits when using ANITIME's daily cleaning service

Animame - a provider of professional, reputable daily cleaning services that meets all your criteria

ANITIME's daily cleaning service has great undeniable benefits such as:

Ensuring public and individual health

In the process of providing daily cleaning services, ANITIME always attaches importance to ensuring everyone's health comprehensively by using modern cleaning methods and safe chemicals.

A clean workspace helps reduce diseases related to digestion, dermatology, and respiratory issues, protecting the health of you and those around you.

Reasonable price

ANITIME understands what customers need. Besides the quality of daily cleaning services, price is what customers care about. Therefore, Animame always considers and calculates many factors to come up with the most reasonable price list. This is a competitive price, you will hardly find a unit with a better price at ANITIME while still ensuring the quality of work.

Refresh your workspace

A cool, clean working space helps employees feel comfortable and excited while working, while also improving work efficiency and productivity.

Not only that, a professional working space helps create a good impression for customers when they come to the company, helping them trust and cooperate long-term.

Finding a professional, reputable daily cleaning service that meets all criteria is definitely what businesses need. Wasting time on a phone call to increase supplier choices is definitely something businesses will do. Then call ANITIME now!