Hà Ngọc Như


Introduction to Founder Ha Ngoc Nhu - Head of Business Department, ANITIME Joint Stock Company

Full name: Ha Ngoc Nhu

Education: Graduated with a major in Environmental Engineering Technology

University: Ho Chi Minh City University of Technical Education

Year of Birth: 1990

Position: Head of Business Department, ANITIME Joint Stock Company

Hà Ngọc Như


As a key member of ANITIME's management team, Founder Ha Ngoc Nhu has a strategic vision focused on developing and expanding eco-friendly cleaning services. His leadership aims to create healthy, clean, and safe living and working spaces for clients and partners.

Hà Ngọc Như Founder ANITIME

Goals for ANITIME

As a pivotal figure in ANITIME's management, Founder Ha Ngoc Nhu is dedicated to advancing the company’s cleaning services towards environmentally friendly solutions. His goal is to provide healthy, clean, and safe environments for all clients and partners.

Hà Ngọc Như

Future Orientation

As the Founder of ANITIME, Ha Ngoc Nhu has set clear future directions for the company. He places significant emphasis on managing human resources, understanding that a well-structured team is crucial for delivering top-notch services. His specific initiatives include:

Training: ANITIME focuses on comprehensive training for its staff, ensuring each employee is equipped with cleaning skills and adheres to professional standards.

Learning: The company actively seeks to learn and update its expertise in the cleaning industry, continuously improving technology and investing in modern cleaning equipment to enhance service quality and efficiency.

Honesty: ANITIME is committed to providing accurate and complete information about cleaning services tailored to customer needs.

Professionalism: The company maintains a polished uniform system, promptly supports customers, adheres to schedules, and follows established cleaning procedures.

Responsibility: ANITIME is accountable for the safety of customers' assets during professional cleaning services and is committed to upholding warranty policies and service quality assurances.

This structured approach ensures that ANITIME consistently delivers superior cleaning services and maintains high standards of customer satisfaction.

Hà Ngọc Như

Founder Hà Ngọc Như