Information security policy

1. Collect information

Anitime Collect information directly from customers and from other sources through transparent and legal means. Information the company collects about customers based on the relationship with the customer, including name, contact information, information about how to use the company's products and services, information about preferences, customer demographics and interests.

We only collect information that is required, or relevant to providing products, devices and service, business purposes and to better understand customer needs.

For online customers, the company may collect information such as IP address, type of operating system the customer is using, time and duration of the customer accessing the website, location of Internet access and items customers have visited within the company's site for the purpose of tracking usage, improving the site and potentially improving the customer experience.

2. Use of customer personal information

Anitime Only use or disclose customer personal information for the purpose of collection, or for other purposes that the customer agrees to, or in cases prescribed by law. This may include sharing personal information with reinsurers, agents, representatives or with the company's service providers.

In some cases, according to the law, customers' personal information may be provided to individuals, organizations, service providers and employees of Anitime Company in certain areas. jurisdiction other than where the information is collected and is required to comply with the laws of that jurisdiction.

The Company will not share customers' personal information with any organization outside the Company for the purpose of marketing products or services, without the customer's consent.

In some cases, within the framework of the law, we will share customer information within the company to provide customers with preferential information about other products and services. Customers have the right to choose to refuse to receive the above promotional information.

The company may need to analyze customer information to better grasp customer needs and the types of products, services and promotions that customers may be interested in.

The Company will keep customers' personal information until it is no longer necessary to meet the purposes of collection or when required by law. The Company focuses on ensuring that customers' personal information records are always accurate and continuously updated, as necessary to achieve the intended uses of the information.

3. Information protection method

The company will protect customers' personal information with security protection methods appropriate to the importance of the information, preventing unauthorized access, publication, modification or use of information. .

The Company is responsible for personal information in its possession, including information transmitted to service providers performing tasks on our behalf. When sharing personal information with service providers, they are responsible for protecting the information with measures consistent with the company's practices and security policies.

4. Commitment to customer information security

The company is committed to managing personal information under careful control. The Company has staff responsible for monitoring compliance with the Company's Security Principles.

Anitime will ensure information about the company's privacy policy and personal information management practices is easily accessible to customers. Upon your written request, the Company will provide you with reasonable access to your personal information and a description of the use or disclosure of the information, as requested or required. in accordance with the provisions of law. Customers may also verify the accuracy and completeness of the information and request that it be amended or deleted, as appropriate or permitted by law.