Placing a mirror in the bedroom: placing principles and taboos

Updated: 20/02/2024

Placing a mirror in the bedroom in accordance with feng shui will increase energy and luck. However, homeowners need to pay attention to taboos when setting mirrors to avoid bad things. Mirrors are familiar household items, used to reflect on themselves. People see their appearance to know how to adjust. In feng shui, a mirror is a special object that attracts, scatters, or reverses. Therefore, homeowners need to be very careful in the layout. Whether it is a disaster or a blessing, it is all related to the way the mirror is placed.

1. Should you put a mirror in the bedroom?

Structurally, the mirror is made of silver and sodium, which metal is usually cold. In terms of feng shui, a mirror is a pure sound object, creating negative energy. It is also said that mirrors are the gateway to another place. If the layout violates the principles of taboo, it can bring bad things and bad luck. That is not to say that mirrors should not be placed in the bedroom. Mirrors are essential items in life. Just put the mirror in the right position, adhere to the principles of feng shui, not only will there be no problems, but the mirror will also bring luck and fortune.

2. Mirrors in the bedroom for mental health

Before looking at feng shui, let's look at mental health. Mirrors reflect light, but the light emitted by the mirror does not carry heat, but is cold and scattered. For mentally unstable people, this light creates feelings of insecurity and fear. For people with weak hearts and diseases, it is even more dangerous because they are prone to sudden panic, causing nervous and cardiovascular agitation. If you are alone in your bedroom, or you wake up in the middle of the night dreaming, your reflection in the mirror can startle you. It's all about mirror placement and your eye level. If you follow the rules of decoration and feng shui, you can still place a mirror in the room without worrying about affecting your health and sleep.

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3. Put the mirror in the bedroom properly and according to feng shui

Placing a mirror in the bedroom is also very important, if placed in the wrong way, incompatible with destiny, feng shui, it can negatively affect the health, property and happiness of the owner.

3.1. Mirror placement direction

First, put the mirror in the right direction so that the mirror absorbs the energy from heaven and earth:

East direction: health and disease prevention.
Southeast direction: owner of sand, fortune, helping business to develop smoothly
North direction: homeowner on the road to fame, helping the owner succeed in his career.
It is taboo to place a mirror in the South because according to the theory of the five elements, the mirror belongs to the element Kim, and the direction to the South belongs to the element of Fire. Fire carving Kim will create a bad effect for the mirror, not good for the homeowner.

3.2. Good places to put mirrors in the bedroom

Placing a mirror near a window will help expand the light, making the room airy, bright, and receiving positive energy. Airflow and energy are circulated easily. Place mirrors in the bedroom that are best positioned to reflect a cheerful, upbeat image. Mirrors have the property of "duplicating" things, so they will help increase good energy in the room. The position opposite the window is also good because the mirror will reflect the natural scenery outside.

4. Taboo positions to avoid placing mirrors in the bedroom

Besides placing the mirror properly, we also need to note some "dangerous" positions when placing the mirror in the bedroom as follows:

4.1. Do not place the mirror facing the bed

Sleep is when the body rests, all activities and energy are reduced to a low level. The body becomes weak, is in the period of re-energizing. Mirrors radiate negative energy, if pointed directly at the sleeping owner, it will adversely affect health. For a couple's bedroom, a mirror pointing directly at the bed is taboo. It is not okay to put it opposite or on the head of the bed. Mirrors reflect images as if there is a third person, which is taboo in marriage. Placing a mirror in this position, husband and wife often quarrel, quarrel, even a third person may appear. In addition, TV screens, computers, glass paintings ... are also like a mirror, facing the bed is not good. Also, do not place a mirror opposite the desk because it causes distraction, disperses energy, and prevents career development.

4.2. Do not hang a mirror that directs the door to the bedroom

Mirrors have opposite reflective properties, so if they shine on the bedroom door, they will push the good fortune and fortune back out. The husband and wife relationship is turned in a negative direction. I myself also lost talent, reduced prosperity.

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4.3. Do not put two mirrors together

Placing two mirrors opposite each other will cause the fortunes to turn upside down. The reflected light flows chaotically, scattered in many directions, causing discomfort. Moreover, in feng shui, the mirror is the gateway to another place, so the image reflected in the two opposite mirrors seems to stretch endlessly, opening the way for bad things. Not to mention, two mirrors create reflections in multiple dimensions. Although family 

When you are alone in your room, you still have the feeling that someone is watching you. This causes mental instability, energy loss.

4.4. Do not place the mirror towards the toilet door

The toilet in feng shui is often considered a place containing a lot of negative and unclean air. Putting a mirror in will diffuse bad air, causing conflicts and discord in the family. The evil spirits also affect the health, especially the married life of couples.

4.5. Do not hang too many mirrors in the room

Placing too many mirrors in the bedroom will create a feeling that it is no longer private and discreet. In terms of feng shui, many mirrors in the room will cause light rays to reflect each other, scatter chaos, not gather good energy and fortune for the homeowner.

4.6. Other Notes

If the bedroom is narrow, or opening the door to hit the wall, you should hang a mirror on the wall. In interior design, mirrors create an open space, making the room feel more spacious and airy. If you only want to use the mirror when necessary, you can use the curtain to cover the mirror when not in use. Or install the mirror on the inside of the wardrobe door, the vanity cover can be folded. This saves space and avoids breaking feng shui. Absolutely do not use mirrors that cause distortion or deformity. If the mirror is cracked, the owner needs to replace it immediately. A cracked mirror will cause the images in the mirror to overlap, which is detrimental. Broken mirror is a bad omen, signaling dispersion, separation.

5. General conclusion

Mirrors in feng shui are items that need to be carefully decorated. On the one hand, the mirror can double the blessing and fortune if placed in the right place. Mirrors, on the other hand, are dispersive, inverting. If you put them in taboo positions, it will seriously affect you and your family. Especially the bedroom, where privacy and directly affect me the most, the mirror placement in the bedroom needs to be properly and properly feng shui to avoid affecting health and career.

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